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Steel Scrubber
Steel Scrubber 10 gms
  • NYLO Bryte stainless steel scrubber is targeted at heavy   duty cleaning tasks.Being stainless steel, it will not rust,   flake or disintegrate like steel wool and will last for a month   or more under normal use.
  • NYLO Bryte stainless steel scrubber is a superior quality   scourer and is manufactured to the highest specifications   and rigid quality control. Each curl is sharp and springy and   will remove even the most stubborn burnt-in food or stains.
  • NYLO Bryte stainless steel scrubber is ideal for cleaning   pots, pans, Bar-B-Que,grills etc. It does not pick up bad   odours from oils & dirty utensils and it also saves scouring   powder & soaps. It is tough on dirt and friendly to your   hands.
  • NYLO Bryte steel scrubber is now available in three   different sizes to meet the consumer requirement.
Steel Scrubber Steel Scrubber
Steel Scrubber 15 gms Steel Scrubber 20 gms