Scrub Pad Manufacturer in Kolkata, Floor Scrubber Manufacturer in Kolkata, Flexi Floor Scrubber Manufacturer in Kolkata, Body Scrubber Manufacturer
Scrub Pad Manufacturer in Kolkata, Floor Scrubber Manufacturer in Kolkata, Flexi Floor Scrubber Manufacturer in Kolkata, Body Scrubber Manufacturer
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about us
about us

NYLO Bryte today stands for success in the market with a truly world class scouring product range that is designed to meet and exceed customer expectation. Success comes with working together. Stepping onto distant shores, facing an uncertain tomorrow but believing in a bright future, while exploring new avenues that pave the way for a stronger relationship – leading to higher growth.

For success in business as in most other endeavor, is after all the coming together of people with single-minded dedication – customer satisfaction beyond expectations.This is just the beginning and the future belongs to US. In India NYLO Bryte hold the key to the future scourer users – with better products, quality & customer satisfaction.

    Being in scouring business since 1999 NYLO Bryte today stands as a testimony of its success and is marked by a long list of innovations. But just as     important that these innovations have been, the lifeline at NYLO Bryte has been YOU, our valued stockiest and our reliable partners – for delivering     consistent, reliable and world class scouring products to our customer.

    Our success stories have been made possible through a reliable and proven network of partners. Partners who have been the the driving force     behind every product sold by SINGHSON – a testimony to our relentless pursuit of innovation, perfection & values.

    Background of the unit:

   Singhson International Private Limited (SIPL) was incorporated in the month of February 1999 and started its activities from the month of September    1999. The Company was incorporated with intention of manufacturing & Marketing of various types of Kitchen Cleaning Scouring Pads.

   SIPL started its operation in West Bengal by appointing a SuperStockist with only three SKU’s of Nylon Scrubber in the brand name “NYLO Bryte”.    Than in the month of January 2000 SIPL introduced two more SKU’s, Non-Scratch Scrubber and Sponge Scrubber.

   In the month of April 2000 SIPL appointed a marketing agent to start its operation in other states. SIPL than started its business in the states of    Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Subsequently it also started its business in New Delhi. SIPL got very encouraging response from    everywhere it worked.

   Than for the first time in Eastern India SIPL introduced Stainless Steel Scrubber in the market and it got phenomenal response and seeing the    response SIPL imported Stainless Steel Scrubber making machine from South Korea in the year 2003. In the same year SIPL introduced the most    versatile Scrubber in the Indian Market – Floor Scrubber. This particular product changed the entire image of NYLO Bryte. For this particular product    enquires started coming from all over India. Subsequently SIPL introduced additional Value Added Products like Pot Scrubber, Dish Scrubber, Toilet    Scrubber, Pan Scrubber, Body Scrubber etc and today no other company in India in scrubbers business has the range of products, which SIPL has got.

   Today NYLO Bryte is associated with innovation. SIPL spends lots of money in Research and Development and that is why they are unparallel in the    Scrubber Industry in India.